"Myths and Realities of Blockchain Technology adoption: An Empirical Investigation of Challenges and Implications Across Industry Sectors"

The brown bag seminar hosted by the School of Business Administration of the American University in Dubai on the 8th of November at the Trading Room in the university, the Business Building. Elissar Toufaily and Tatiana Zalan discussed their research that investigates the use-cases, challenges and implications related to blockchain adoption in the private and public sectors, and from the entrepreneurs’ perspective. Forty-two semi-structured interviews were conducted. A holistic, data-driven theoretical framework is proposed focussing on the environmental, organizational and technological challenges of blockchain adoption. The framework includes socio-economic value of blockchain adoption at the ecosystem level from the perspective of various stakeholders: organizations and industries, end-users and society, public sector and start-ups and entrepreneurs. The paper discusses how organizations could overcome barriers to adoption and proposes guidelines for policy makers and private institutions.

Delivered by:

The Center of Research on FinTech, Blockchain & Smarter Logistics | Dubai  2020