The FinTech, Blockchain and Smarter Logistics research center aims to:


  • Measure the impact of FinTech, smarter logistics and Blockchain adoption on different stakeholders in the ecosystem, with a specific focus on the public sector and financial services;

  • Evaluate the impact of FinTech, Blockchain and logistics technologies on the customers and users (B2B, B2C and P2P), in such areas as customer experience, trust, adoption, satisfaction, decision making process;

  • Evaluate the impact of new technologies on the human capital in the region, such as the skills needed by the public and financial sectors; and develop appropriate academic content, training and  programs

  • Explore and measure the consequences of decentralization, disintermediation and digitization in the FinTech sector and beyond;

  • Investigate public-private sector partnerships in the implementation of FinTech, smart logistics and Blockchain technologies.

  • Inform and educate the general public on the main issues of FinTech, logistics and blockchain

  • Provide real-world solutions to businesses, governments and societies.

  • Serve as an incubator for innovative ideas leading to feasible business opportunities.

The Center of Research on FinTech, Blockchain & Smarter Logistics | Dubai  2020