American University in Dubai School of Business End-of-Semester Competition Winners on Blockchain Adoption

The AUD School of Business Administration held its first End-of-Semester Competition bringing students' projects from different Business courses. The competition covers projects from topics of Management to Marketing. The first place winner presented a Marketing Research project titled "Adoption of Blockchain Applications by the End-users: The case of E-Chain" The Research main Marketing problem is to determine the factors influencing potential customers on Blockchain-based Applications adoption. It is based on a project titled E-Chain conducted by the School of Engineering students building a Blockchain platform for trading excess Energy produced by solar panels among neighbors. The research determines that trust, privacy, and security are important factors that increase use intention of Blockchain-based Applications. The winners include one of our research assistants; Hayaat Al-Hindwan, along with Sarvenaz Baradaran, and Bavisha Khatri.

The Center of Research on FinTech, Blockchain & Smarter Logistics | Dubai  2020