The Center of Research on FinTech, Blockchain and Smarter Logistics is the first center in the MENA region with an aim to develop fundamental and applied research that addresses the impact of disruptive and transformative innovations on the financial services industry, the public sector and beyond.


The Center is a platform with an objective to facilitate a dialogue among leaders from the industry, policymakers, top executives and scholars from different fields such as strategy, computer science, entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation, MIS, finance, and economics to develop projects and provide solutions to the challenges facing the private and public sectors in the fourth industrial revolution.


The Center will focus on creating and disseminating knowledge for the benefit of all stakeholders in the UAE Fintech ecosystem (customers, organizations, universities, employees, government and regulators), upgrading skills and developing human talent,  and educating students and the general public on the main issues related to fintech, blockchain and logistics.


The researchers active in their fields are working with industry experts in different areas to provide real-world solutions to businesses in the private and public sectors in general and to broader communities in particular. This model of university-industry partnership is aligned with our vision of the place of higher education in society. This allows for both effective sharing and transfer of knowledge with impact and innovative projects.


The advancement of scientific knowledge is crucial in enabling the development of the private and public sectors and in educating the public and the consumers.

The Center of Research on FinTech, Blockchain & Smarter Logistics | Dubai  2020